OK, so how do I place an order online?

It’s easy! Find the product you want using our handy search bar or by browsing through products and click ‘Add to basket’. At any time you can see what’s in the basket by clicking on the little basket icon.

When you’ve finished browsing, click on the checkout button and enter your delivery details.

Do I have to have an account to order?

Don’t worry, you can check in as a guest on www.gxclubs.co.uk.

Can you match a price?

At PMT, we always make sure we have the best gear, plus the best prices to go with them but sometimes our price mice get a little bit overexcited and miss the odd thing…so if you do see the same guitar or drum head or audio interface or anything on our website for that matter, at a lower price from another retailer let us know and we’ll try our best to beat them to it with a matching or even better price – online or in PMT stores!

Please note that Terms & Conditions apply to Price Match: Must be a UK-based seller with the item in stock, and is not available in conjunction with any finance or other offers.

PMT Discount Codes

Have you found a discount code to use at gxclubs or in-store? Chances are if you have found the discount code online from an external website (aka, not on gxclubs.co.uk), it will not be valid to use on gxclubs or in a PMT Store.

Professional Music Technology only accepts discount codes and vouchers that have been created by PMT, unless stated otherwise in the discount/ voucher's Terms and Conditions.

If you have found a discount code for gxclubs and you are unsure if it is valid to use on gxclubs or in a PMT Store, please contact [email protected]